Welcome to You are a Story Worth Loving

Come as you are. Your story is safe here.

You are a Story Worth Loving

This is YOUR community

You are a Story worth Loving is a community where we support your stories, hear your voice and serves as a gentle reminder that the stories of our lives are worthy of love. Allowing us to recognize & find our own inner voice and share our sacred stories while inviting others to remove the stigma and join the conversation.

Why this community?

Because here, YAASWL removes the masks, filters and facades. 

We make our tables longer instead of our walls higher; we pull up more chairs. We welcome you with open arms. So that you can come as you are and know that your story is welcome and safe here. 

This is a safe place. A welcome mat at the doorstep of our hearts. In  hopes that you read these words and the stories of others and say; me too and you will feel less alone. 

Where we can all strive to know each other deeper and louder.

Where we can remind each other that You are a Story Worth Loving

Our Anthem

This is your anthem. The one where, perhaps you hear your own voice for the very first time. You feel the beat of your heart against your chest and the strength of the stories as you lean into your spine. 

"My story is made up of more than just the messy chapters of my life. 

I am more than the voice I quiet, the face I filter, the job I hate, the weight I carry, the secrets I keep, the body I judge, the choices I regret, the shame I silence, the pain I feel, the guilt I am embarrassed of or even the life I choose to live. 

I am not broken. I am not messy. I am brave. I am worthy. My voice is valued and my stories are sacred. This is the whisper to my heart that regardless of any choices or mistakes I make...

I am a story worth loving."

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